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Custom Logo Design

There are two options for logo design.

1- Semi-exclusive.  

This means that colors, layout, shapes, and general designs can be used for other shops.

2.  Exclusive.

This means that the layout and design is for your shop only.  For example is a hanger and starburst shape is yours, then that will be your design.  There are a few designs that CAN NOT BE exclusive, such as a flower frame.  

You will receive one proof emailed to you at which time you are able to make ONE change which is included in the set up fee.  If more changes are requested there will be a fee.

Once you have paid your set up fee, please click on the link below and fill out the request form.

There is a 5 BUSINESS DAY turn around for logo set up.

After finalized you will receive high resolution images.  If you choose to order transfers with a logo that I designed then you will not incur a set up fee for the cut lines being installed on the image.  

$ 10.00


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